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The home page of MILCON Requirements & Standardization Integration team.
BUILDER Version 3.0 is an automated web-based application to support engineering and facility management decisions regarding when, where, and how best to maintain buildings and their key components.
In keeping with the EMS design philosophy, BUILDER uses as its primary condition measure a condition index (CI) rating on a 0-to-100 point scale. The condition index for each component-section is computed from inspection data that records the type, severity, and density of each distress found. Distress-Deduct curves developed by experienced subject matter experts are used to quantify the adverse effects that these distresses contribute to overall asset condition.
New to the EMS Enterprise Framework is the functionality index (FI). The functionality index is computed for the building and building functional area from assessment data that records the functionality issues present in the building and the severity and density of those issues. Based on the assessment data, the required modernization in the building can be identified.
With building performance information collected and measured by BUILDER, simulations are generated to help managers develop long-range work plans based on sound investment strategies. By providing an objective description of condition and an automated means of exploring various options under different budget scenarios, BUILDER makes multi-year work planning easier to formulate and funding requests easier to justify. The goal is optimal facility condition for the dollars invested.
To learn more about BUILDER and other SMS, visit their site.