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Home page of the Centers of Standardization (COS).

 Welcome to the USACE Centers of Standardization (COS) website

This website is used by the COS to disseminate all the necessary information related to Military Construction Business (MCB) process and standard design development. On this site you will find:
  • Points of Contact to all the COS and USACE Headquarters
  • All the necessary information pertaining to each standard facility developed to date:
    • Army Standards
    • Army Standard Designs
    • Adapt-Build Model information
    • 1391 Templates
  • All pertinent COS policy and procedural documents
  • Important website links to other pertinent COS and MCB process information

Links with "(intranet)" after them are Army/USACE intranet websites with Common Access Card (CAC) access only.

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 Facility Type Links

Access Control Points (ACP)
Administrative Facility
Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Complex
Airfield Headquarters (AFLD HQ) - Air Traffic Control Facility (ATC)
Army Community Service Center (ACSC)
Army Family Housing (AFH)
Attack Assault Cavalry Hangar (AAC)
Automated Record Fire Range (ARF)
Aviation Support Battalion Hangar (ASB)
Barracks, 40-person
Basic 10M - 25M Firing Range (Zero)
Basic Training and One Station Unit Training (BT/OSUT) Complex
Battle Command Training Center (BCTC)
Brigade/Battalion Headquarters (BDE/BN HQ)
Central Issue Facility (CIF)
Child Development Center, 6 Weeks - 5 Years (CDC)
Classroom 21 (CR XXI) & Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)
Combat Pistol - MP Firearms Qualification Course (CPQC)
Company Operations Facility (COF)
Criminal Investigation Command (CIDC) Facilities
Dining Facility, 1000-person
Dining Facility, 2000-person
Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) Facility
Drill Sergeant Barracks
Echelons Above Brigade (EAB) Command Control Facilty (C2F)
Family Life Center
Fire Station (FS)
Fixed Wing Hangar
General Instruction Building (GIB)
General Purpose Warehouse (GPW)
General Support Aviation Battalion Hangar (GSAB)
Information Systems Facility
Initial Entry Training (IET) Chapels
Judicial Center with Courtroom (JC)
Live Fire Exercise Shoothouse
Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)
Modified Record Fire Range (MRF)
Operational Readiness Training Complex (ORTC)
Outdoor Sports Facility (OSF)
Permanent Party Enlisted Personnel Dining Facility (EPDF)
Physical Fitness Facility (PFF)
Reception Barracks
Religious Education Facility
School Age Center (SAC)
Soldier Family Service Center (SFSC)
Starship Renovation
Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) Complex
Training Support Center (TSC)
Transient Training Officers Quarters
Troop Medical Clinic
Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH)
Unaccompanied Officers Quarters
Unit Supply Support Activity (SSA)
Unmanned Aircraft System Hangar (UAS)
Urban Assault Complex (UAC)
USAF BattleField Weather Support Facility (BWF)
Warriors in Transition (WT) Complex
Youth Center (YC)

 COS Listing

William (Bill) Stephenson C HNC

Melissa (Hill) Meyers

Robert Saari, PE, PMP
Facility Types 
COS Manager 

 COS Process Documents

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 Important Links