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 General Information



Long Title:  Army Community Services Center
Short Title ACS Ctr
CATCD 74033
Facility Type Building​
Proponent CFSC
Description: ​

​The ACS Center is a comprehensive social service program designed to facilitate the commander in identifying emerging social problems and provide comprehensive, coordinated and responsive services which promote self reliance, resiliency and stability of soldiers, retirees, civilian employees and their families. The size of the installation ACS will be essentially based on the population served. The staff size quite often will depend on the degree of support available for local civilian community and complexity and scope of services provided by the installation. The standard design layout for the army community service center utilizes a traditional layout approach.   The spaces in the ACS include: classrooms, computer resource, offices, waiting room, lending locker, storage, teaching kitchen/break room, conference room, lobby waiting rooms, vending area, file room, toilet and mechanical, electrical, communications service areas.  The varying components for this facility will be: building occupancy requirements, regional soils and climatic conditions, facility structural considerations, HVAC systems, and the exterior architectural features. Therefore, the overall building design and configurations will vary as required to meet project specific requirements. All ACS facilities are required to meet current DOD Anti-terrorism standards.  Facilities such as the Army community service center - must meet the standards of the Americans with guidelines in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Guidelines, with the most stringent standards applied in the event of conflicting guidelines. Provide designated handicapped parking spaces in all major parking lots and drop-off zones for persons with mobility impairments.

Technical POC ​​Marilyn Scott
COS Manager Bill Stephenson
Facility Sizes:  ​ Ex-​Small ​(Military Populations - Up to 1,000)
​Small ​(Military Populations - 1,001 to 3,500)
Medium ​(Military Populations - 3,501 to 10,000)
​Large ​(Military Populations - 10,001 to 15,000)
​Ex-Large ​(Military Populations - 15,001 and Over)

​Army Standard Published 24-Oct-2006
Standard Design Standard Design completed and continually updated based on lessons learned
(see Documents below for latest verion of the standard design)




ACSC 1391 - Large FY16.pdf
4/10/2015 3:47 PM
ACSC 1391 - Medium FY16.pdf
4/10/2015 3:46 PM
ACSC 1391 - Small FY16.pdf
4/10/2015 3:45 PM
ACSC 1391 - X-Large FY16.pdf
4/10/2015 3:48 PM
7/22/2011 12:12 PM
Design Guide - ACSC (Apr 11).pdf
4/1/2011 10:09 AM
Energy Model - ACS_XL.pdf
6/13/2014 2:28 PM
5/16/2011 2:45 PM
8/9/2011 9:44 AM
2/11/2011 1:58 PM
2/11/2011 1:59 PM
Standard Drawings - ACSC (Apr 11).pdf
4/1/2011 10:11 AM

 Renderings & Photos





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