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Home of the RFP Wizard - implementing the Model RFP since 2006.
Welcome to our RFP Wizard portal

Purpose: Provide a standardized way to meet all mandatory guidelines for developing "Request For Proposal" documents for all new MILCON projects utilizing the Model RFP.

Method: The RFP Wizard is a data entry application for creating a RFP using USACE approved templates for U.S. Army MILCON projects.

Who should use it? Project Managers and their teams that need to create RFP for a U.S. Army MILCON project.

Who should not use it? If you're not creating an RFP then you don't need to use the RFP Wizard. Policy documents, the MBP Implementation Guide, and Example RFP are available and do not require an account nor the use of the application.

If you're looking for Army Standards or Standard Designs and Criteria, please visit the COS site which has links, document, and other information for each standardized facility type.

You do NOT need a MRSI account to download the Army Standards.

Where do I start? Please read our HELP to get started. I promise it won't take long and it will answer many questions about this version of the RFP Wizard.

How do I get support? Our support email address has changed to indicate that we do more than just the RFP Wizard. Please use our new support email address, MRSI_Support, and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able.


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